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What can we do to work toward building resilience into our community's infrastructure development goals?
Broadband net all residences
Mar 20, 2018 Jim I4
Broadband net all residences
Internet alternative to reach medical care

Communications is the key for many things. Broadband networking can facilitate working from home, remote medical services, connecting with and monitoring persons with limited mobility, education at all levels, and even long distance travel with remote presence capabilities. This is not a capability that private suppliers can profitably provide on a universal basis. It is infrastructure that can help Larimer county reduce road traffic and mass transit demand, provide services across the county, connect residents with county meetings, offices and leaders, and improve the opportunities for 21st century jobs, employment and income.
Bandwidth must be sufficient for two way, high definition video if it is to include proper virtual presence, remote medical treatment, etc. Fiber to the premises has the advantage of providing a single path that can be (and will be ) expanded dramatically in capacity over time.
Communications suppliers can rent space to reach customers.

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