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Managing Natural Resources with Resilience
Managing Natural Resources with Resilience
What can we do to build resilience for our natural resources?

Many organizations are working locally to build resilience in natural systems that support our thriving communities. Goals in natural resources span from watershed restoration and health, to forest health and wildfire management, to environmental mitigation and protection. In this section, you can partake in discussions surrounding these types of goals, or share your own and help stimulate action toward natural resources resilience.

More Info:
Big Thompson Watershed Coalition
Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed
Estes Valley Watershed Coalition
Little Thompson Watershed Coalition
Boyd L1
Good new guide for recommendations on forest management for the Colorado Front Range from the Rocky Mountain Research Station: Principles and Practices for the Restoration of Ponderosa Pine and Dry Mixed-Conifer Forests of the Colorado Front Range.

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